Certified Translations & Document Translations:

Certified translations are translations prepared by translators who have been officially appointed and sworn for their respective language(s) at the competent court. They are then authorised to prepare translations from their native language into “their” foreign language and vice versa, and then certify them.

Administration institutions and government authorities often require certified translations to ensure a complete and exact representation of the original. This concerns e.g. training and study certificates, diplomas, letters of reference acquired abroad which are required for job applications in Germany, as well as birth and non-marriage certificates necessary for marrying. Through their respective certification note, seal and signature, certified translators confirm that the translation is correct, complete and conforms exactly to the original, ensuring that no manipulation or forgery of documents is possible.

As officially appointed and sworn document translator for English, Martina Bühner is authorized to perform this kind of translation. Please contact us directly for further information.